This is Blanka.

She creates customised design for you from your idea shaped to your body with her passion.
Her style is mainly black and red, fusion of realistic elements with expressive paint splatters, -splashes, -strokes anything that’s in her mind, add silhouettes sewed with geometric patterns.
Her focus to create a contrast on your skin, showing the tension coming from inside to balance your soul with the body leaving you feeling satisfied by wearing her tattoo.

She’s been living in Berlin now for 3 years and has a loyal clientele from her previous 7 years of experience in studios. Blanka Studied art and graphic design in her hometown Budapest. Her work is her art- and art is her life. She paints in her space time, enjoys nature and music it calms her mind while inspiring her.
She is a clean machine, her body, she is vegan-her work, everything she does is to perfection.
Blanka likes to help and enjoys challenges so no matter how big and bad tattoo you want to cover, it’s her passion to give your skin new story and life/ you can ask her for a consultation and she can tell you how can she make your skin look beautiful.